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Produce Pick

Prune Plums

How to Select Choose plump plums with smooth skins. Avoid bruises and soft spots. How to Store Store unripe plums [...] Continue Reading


How to Select The fruit should be firm with just a slight “give” when gently squeezed. Avoid fruit that is [...] Continue Reading


Varieties of Fig Brown Turkey Figs - The fruit is medium to large in size, and sports a reddish-brown skin [...] Continue Reading

Riced Broccoli

About Riced Broccoli Made from the florets and stems, riced broccoli is processed into crisp, rice-like grains that can be [...] Continue Reading

SunGold Kiwi

How to Select SunGold kiwis are sweet and juicy with golden yellow flesh and smooth skin. When selecting a SunGold [...] Continue Reading

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