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Nutrition Benefits

Apples are low in calories and a high source of dietary fiber. They are naturally low in fat; saturated fat free; sodium free; cholesterol free.

How to Select

Look for apples that are firm, shiny, have smooth skin and intact stems. They should smell fresh, not musty.

How to Store

Refrigerate apples in a plastic bag away from odorous foods and use within 3 weeks.

5 Ways to Enjoy Apples in the Spring!

  • Bake ‘em! Remove the core. Pour a small amount of brown sugar and butter into the hole. Place apples in a baking pan with water and bake at 375°F for 30 minutes.
  • Add to salads and slaws. Apples will add a touch a sweetness to a chicken or tuna salad. They pair deliciously well with seasonal fennel!
  • Applesauce or chutney. Make your own applesauce using cranberries or raisins. Serve with pork or chicken to spice up your main dish!
  • Sandwich filler. Slice and enjoy apples in any sandwich. Kids will especially enjoy a peanut butter and apple sandwich (much less sugar than jelly!)
  • On the go! Crunch into a delicious apple anytime to keep you fuller, longer! They make great, healthy snacks, especially when paired with peanut butter.

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