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We care about your health and wellness. For the last decade, we have employed Registered Dietitians who are professionally-trained and credentialed experts in nutrition. Our Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians are onsite and in our communities providing wellness education and sharing tips to make mealtime easy and healthy. By offering a range of nutrition-focused services, our Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians are proud to support and empower you no matter where you are in your wellness journey.

To safely serve our guests, our Registered Dietitians are now offering virtual or telehealth services, if preferred. In-person services will be maintained while following COVID-safe protocols.


Personalized Nutrition Counseling

Our Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians offer personalized nutrition counseling to individuals by appointment. Counseling includes complete diet recalls, actionable goal-setting, nutrition education and food recommendations that fit your preferences and nutritional needs. Their expertise includes medical nutrition therapy for disease prevention or treatment, weight management, food allergies and intolerances, digestive health, special diets and more. Schedule with our Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians by phone or online.

Wellness Workshops & Support Groups

Looking to join a workshop, class or support group to help you achieve and stick to your wellness goals? Our Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians host a variety of nutrition-focused workshops throughout the year to facilitate shared group learning and communal support. Learn more about our upcoming wellness workshops by subscribing to our e-newsletter or simply by reaching out to one of our Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians.

Kids Nutrition & Cooking Classes

From in-store cooking classes to community library visits, our Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians use a fun and interactive approach to educating kids and families on how to eat and live well. Our kid-friendly programming is tailored to meet the needs of your group. Our goal is to offer educational entertainment that inspires kids to embrace healthy foods through discovery and exploration.

Health-Focused Shopping Tours

In a world where nutrition information can seem confusing and contradictory, our Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians offer clear and comprehensible guidance that can be applied right where food decisions are being made – in the supermarket. Join or request a health-focused shopping tour led by our Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians. Shopping tours can be disease-specific or food specific. Examples of tour topics led in the past include: Diabetes, Gluten Free, Navigating the Frozen Food aisles and Produce for Better Health.

Better-For-You Food Demonstrations

Ever wonder about the taste of a trending new food, or are you in need of simple cooking tips? Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians offer quick and interactive education through Better-For-You Food Demonstrations. Our food demonstrations are intended to introduce new food trends, share clever recipe tips and help you make mealtime easier and healthier.

Community Education & Partnerships

At Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen, we’re all about our community partnerships. Our Zallie’s Fresh KitchenDietitians are no different and want to leverage public health with you. Ask us to be part of your next community health fair or event.

Health Wellness Corner - with RD

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Minneola Tangelos

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Pan-Seared Pesto Cod

Meet Your Wellness Team

Beth Ann Peterson, RD

Beth Ann Peterson, RD

Zallie's Fresh Kitchen Dietitian – Medford

As a Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen dietitian, Beth Ann has been providing nutrition education to customers, students, Scouts and various community groups. She has offered classes on various topics, such as weight management and diabetes.

Beth Ann has practiced as a dietitian in the hospital setting; a long-term care facility for developmentally disabled; and an outpatient dialysis clinic. As a daughter and mother of 6, she has a breadth of experience in coaching people in various stages of life with regards to healthy eating, planning quick and healthy meals, and fueling athletes. She loves helping people discover new food they like, but especially enjoys her job when it involves children.

A Medford native, Beth Ann has a degree in Dietetics from the University of Connecticut and furthered her education in nutrition and dietetics throughout her adult life.

Even when Beth Ann’s not working, she’s always on the go. She loves walking, going to the beach, and traveling.

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Domenica "Niki" Toscani, RDN

Domenica "Niki" Toscani, RDN

Regulatory & Retail Wellness Manager

As the Regulatory and Retail Wellness Manager, Niki works with the Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen Dietitians to create and contribute to wellness marketing, merchandising and in-store nutrition programming.

Niki has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications & Media Studies from Fordham University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Rutgers University. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, she shares her passion and knowledge for food and nutrition to empower others to develop lifelong habits for healthier living.

Niki has educated and consulted on nutrition, health and wellness in both clinical and community settings. Her hobbies include writing, educating, traveling, cooking and eating!

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Adrienne Olah, RDN

Adrienne Olah, RDN

Zallie's Fresh Kitchen Dietitian

As part of ShopRite’s Retail Dietitian team, Adrienne offers nutrition advice, meal planning, and diet modification for specific medical conditions. She provides various classes such as: children’s cooking, weight management, diabetes, and freezer-friendly meal prep.

Adrienne believes that food is such an important part of life that it should be enjoyable. Raised in a food-centric family of amazing cooks who valued healthy eating and quality food choices, Adrienne shares this knowledge with customers she works with, and takes pride in helping people understand nutrition and showing them how nutritious food can be delicious.

Adrienne graduated from Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics. Prior to joining ShopRite, Adrienne gained valuable experience with nutrition during pregnancy, infant and childhood through her employment with the federal government’s program.

Outside of eating good food and trying different cuisines, Adrienne enjoys going out with friends and family, and staying active by hiking and going the beach.

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Claire Rudden, RDN

Claire Rudden, RDN

Zallie's Fresh Kitchen Dietitian

As a ShopRite Dietitian, Claire provides nutrition advice and health and wellness counseling. She offers classes ranging from diabetes education to plant-based eating.

Claire has a deep love for all things food. From a young age, she enjoyed spending time in the kitchen and expanded her culinary skills as she grew up. She was fortunate to pursue her passion in school by studying nutrition and dietetics. Claire’s nutrition ideology partners health and wellness with good food and high-quality ingredients. She is excited to share her knowledge with customers to help make a healthy lifestyle attainable for all.

Claire has a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics from the University of Delaware. She has experience in the clinical and community setting with a focus on oncology and pediatrics.

When Claire is not at ShopRite, you can find her spending time with friends and family, staying active, or exploring a restaurant. She likes to live by the quote “Life’s too short to not eat well.”

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