Team Members from Zallie-Somerset ShopRite Stores Win Spots on Special Edition Cheerios Boxes

Team members from Zallie-Somerset stores are pictured on special edition 2022 Cheerios boxes that call attention to the struggle of being food-insecure, while also thanking people who have worked to make a difference.

The honor reflects results of a contest co-sponsored by Cheerios-maker General Mills and ShopRite cooperative Wakefern Food Corp. Proceeds go to the ShopRite Partners In Caring initiative.

ShopRite of West Deptford, which placed third in the annual fund-raising contest, earned spots in the photo compilation for four team members. ShopRites of Medford, West Berlin and Chews Landing each earned spots for two team members.

ZFK Employees on Cheerios Box

ShopRite of West Deptford

ShopRite of West Deptford raised $27,381.46 Being ranked within the top five gave the store the privilege of directing $3,000 in donations, which went to the Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministry. Honored from ShopRite of West Deptford were:

Linda Micaletti

Linda Micaletti, who has worked at ShopRite stores for 33 years. She is the floral manager at West Deptford.

James Brady

James Brady career has a 11-year history with ShopRite and currently works as a produce clerk at West Deptford.

Sheila Adamaski

Shelia Adamaski has a 25-year history with ShopRite and currently works as a cashier in West Deptford.

Alyssa Beck

Alyssa Beck our front-end manger of West Deptford, has been with us for 12 years.

ShopRite of Medford

ShopRite of Medford raised $26,160.38. The store designated the Christian Caring Center to receive a $500 donation. Honored from ShopRite of Medford were:

Chad LaMons

Chad LaMons our maintenance manger of West Berlin, has been with us for 5 years.

Lauren Marciano

Lauren Marciano career has a 10-year history with ShopRite and currently works as a cashier at West Berlin.

ShopRite of West Berlin

ShopRite of West Berlin raised $22,122.90, and directed a $500 donation to St. Vincent DePaul – Saint Simon Stock Council. Honored from ShopRite of West Berlin were:

Lia Betz

Lia Betz career has a 15-year history with ShopRite and currently works as the front-end manager at West Berlin.

Jennifer Harrell

Jennifer Harrell has a 21-year history with ShopRite and currently works as a cashier in West Berlin.

ShopRite of Chews Landing

ShopRite of Chews Landing raised $7,782, and directed $500 donations to St. Agnes, Our Lady of Hope Parish in Blackwood. Honored from ShopRite of Chews Landing were:

Tracey Patton

Tracey Patton has been with us for 6 years, and works in the Order. Pickup. Deliver. department at Chews Landing.

Bill Hunter

Bill Hunter, our cashier has a 8-year history with ShopRite of Chews Landing.

Thank You to All of Our Winners